8 Things You Didn't Know About 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'


Get ready for another round of big, fat good times with Toula and co.

One of the most successful indie comedies to ever hit the multiplex is getting a sequel. That's right! My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the highest grossing rom com of all time, is getting its Part 2, a dozen years after the original stole our blackened hearts. Actress and screenwriter Nia Vardalos, who played female lead Toula in the film, confirmed on Twitter that she has penned the script.

She wrote: "A few jaded press corps will claim I ran out of money and just want to kiss John Corbett again. One of these things is true."

Well, have ya seen Corbett? Even a decade-plus later, he's still someone you want to plant a smooch on. And as for the cash issue? Who could blame Vardalos for revisiting a well that paid as handsomely as her co-star? Corbett + cash — that's quite an equation!

To help stoke the fires of your excitement for the sequel, we've assembled this list of 8 Things You Didn't Know About My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


It was made for $5 million and grossed $369 million in worldwide box office receipts. That's what we like to call a major ROI -- return on investment.


It was never No. 1 at the box office despite the fact that it has become the highest grossing rom com ever. At this point, being "No. 1" is just a marketing feather in the franchise's cap. Plus, the producers can seek to right that wrong and land at No. 1 during opening weekend for the sequel. See, we're eternal optimists.


It only opened in 108 theaters in April 2002. That's not exactly a big, fat theatrical rollout.


The cast, minus breakout star Vardalos, who had signed a separate deal, later sued the production company for their share of the profits.


Yes, 'N Sync's Joey Fatone played the role of Angelo.


The spinoff CBS sitcom My Big Fat Greek Life lasted but seven episodes. Romantic lead John Corbett, you know, the one that Carrie Bradshaw let get away on Sex and the City, was not a part of the series. You can hear his sexy voice in Applebee's voiceovers.


The film was shot in Chicago and Toronto.


Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson, who has Greek roots, saw Vardalos' one-woman show in L.A. in 1997 and convinced her A-lister hubby to turn it into a film. Hanks and Wison will serve as producers on the sequel.




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