Woman Jailed After Blaming Speeding Tickets On Dead Husband


Not only disrespectful, but unlawful, too.

This Nottingham, U.K. woman went to incredible lengths to avoid the penalties of a couple of speeding tickets, and now she's facing jail time.

In 2008, she claimed that her husband had been the one driving, even though he had actually died the previous year. And "the Man" bought Catherine Goodwin's lie — at first.

The 60-year-old was caught speeding on camera in 2008. She paid the fines, but displaced the blame on her spouse in order to avoid the points on her record. As a result, six penalty points were put on his record, even after his passing. 

See what the judge had to say at Huffington Post Weird NewsWoman Jailed After Blaming Speeding Tickets On Dead Husband



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