Confession: Being A Single Mom Is Scary Sometimes

mother and daughter

Being a mom is wonderful, but it's not always a joyride.

Last night Jack woke up sick. By the time I got to his room he was sitting in a pile of puke, crying. His crying triggered our brand new puppy to start crying and barking. Then I started crying. Alone in the condo, I had to take a deep breath and conquer the situation.

I left the crying, barking puppy in her crate where she couldn't get into trouble and I carried my son into the bathroom. He said he didn't have to throw up again so I stripped off his puke-soaked PJs and started a shower. After a quick shower and reluctant teeth brushing, he was shampoo-fresh, in clean jammies, in my bed, sipping an orange Gatorade. The puppy was still crying. Good news: I stopped crying. It was tunnel vision time.

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