Must-Watch: Woman Gets The Best Surprise At Her Wedding


This touching video will make your day.

Sometimes when a bride plans her wedding she knows that she can't get everything she wants. This reality is usually easy to get over except when it means that a person you’re really close to can't make it to the ceremony. Yes you have to try to be understanding, but deep down you know you will feel like something is missing. Well, luckily for this bride she didn't have to do without her best friend after all!

A woman named Sarah in Charlotte, N.C. was prepared to walk down the aisle without her brother, Daniel Atwood. Of course he had a good excuse for not being able to make it because he's a Marine. He wrote her a litter saying he couldn't make it, but ended up surprising her! The whole thing of course was caught on tape in order to give you happy tears. Watch the big surprise revealed on The Huffington Post Good News.

Watch the touching video here: Marine Surprises Sister At Her Wedding, And Our World Dissolves Into Happy Tears


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