Spoiler! Who Is Josh Murray Of 'The Bachelorette?'

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Meet one of the many men looking to steal Andi Dorfman's heart!


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Bachelorette Spoiler Alert!

Josh Murray is reportedly the winner of Season 10 of The Bachelorette, stealing Andi Dorfman's heart from runner-up Nick Viall. He is tall, dark and handsome, which is painfully obvious. But what other traits and qualities does Murray, 29, possess? If you can't wait for the season to unfold and for Josh, who has three tattoos and wears a size 13 shoe, to reveal himself, don't fret. We've probed a little and found out just who is Josh Murray!

You know, it seemed like it was destiny for Andi to choose Josh, since his little brother played for UGA's football team, of which Andi and her dad are major fans. Plus, Josh moved to Atlanta, Andi's hometown. Not to mention they are both insanely attractive.

Go ahead, get to know Josh Murray a little bit better. Try not to drool too much while looking at these pics!

Murray was drafted at No. 48 overall in the 2002 MLB draft. He was a second round pick for the Milwaukee Brewers and played for the minor league club from 2002 to 2007.


His little brother Aaron Murray was the QB of University of Georgia's football team, of which Andi and her dad are huge fans. He is now a member of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs. Huzzah. He is also tall, dark and handsome like his big bro. Since Murray is reportedly the suitor that Andi chose, she is going to have one hunk of a brother-in-law. We bet all her single gal pals will want to meet her future bro-in-law.


He loves his bulldog, Sabel. She is such a cutie and we lurve this The Lady and the Tramp pose that replaces the spaghetti strand with a Twizzler! Hopefully Andi digs American bulldogs, because this one occupies a big place in Josh's heart and life.


We're not kidding about J. Murray's bulldog adoration. He has more pictures of her on his Instagram feed than anyone or anything else. Look at that mug. Can you say "Daddy's Girl?" Few things are as powerful as the love between a dog and her owner. #Truth.


He had knee surgery in 2013. Check out that huge bandage. He also expressed an interest in golfing. Clearly, Josh is athletic, a trait that runs in the Murray fam. Will his and Andi's kids be football or baseball players? We are getting ahead of ourselves but time will tell!


Swoon, we know. Another fact? He is from Tampa, Florida. He is also pretty well manscaped. The brows and the chin pubes are perfectly scruffy.


He drives a white Audi. Or at least he did. Nice wheels, right?


He loves his mama, who is also a looker. He posts loving captions in his pics with her. He also tends to quote Jesus, Gandhi and Muhammad Ali on Twitter.




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