Show's Over: Self-Described 'Med School Virgin' Calls Off Auction


Sorry, bidders: The auction for Hanna Kern's virginity is officially off.

You've probably heard of medical school student Hanna Kern, or her pseudonym "Elizabeth Raine." Kern is notorious in the media for auctioning off her virginity. The 28-year old double Ph.D./M.D. student at the University of Washington has officially called off the auction, after learning much from the experience.

"Having given it a sincere try, I now completely understand why they never do work out," she told HuffPost by text. "It is this very messy mix of auction and publicity that is near impossible to balance."

Kern's auction goal was $400,000, but the final bid was twice that amount — $801,000! In the end, Kern decided to cancel, stating, "At this point, I no longer care about the auction, at all. This was a very easy decision."

Find out why she ended the auction at Huffington Post Weird NewsSelf-Described 'Med School Virgin' Hanna Kern Calls Off Auction After Dubious $801,000 Bid

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