8 Things We Already Know About This Season Of 'The Bachelorette'

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With 'The Bachelorette' premiere looming, here's some critical intel about Andi Dorfman's season.

Juan Pablo who?

The hype on last season's The Bachelor has died down, with focus shifting to Andi Dorfman, the lawyer who bounced from that show, only to get her own. She is The Bachelorette.

Season 10 of The Bachelor's sister show premieres on May 19 on ABC and we have gathered some intel about Andi, her handsome suitors, the particulars of the season and more!

Here are eight things we already know about the new season, thanks to some sleuthy sources. Consider this your obligatory "SPOILER ALERT!" about some of the happenings of the season:


Contestant Eric Hill died over Easter. He was also sent packing by Andi before his death. Many fans of the show are anxious to see how the producers will handle this tragedy, as the production was not delayed by this unfortunate situation. Also, contestant Ron Worrell left the show upon learning that his friend died.


At the 12 contestant group date at a Santa Barbara mall, Boyz II Men performed. The contestants vying for Andi's heart also performed. Forget the fastest way to the heart being through the stomach; it's through music and the ears.


Rumor has it that several of the men competing for a rose from Andi found her to be insincere. Well, it is a reality show with cameras surrounding them, so there is bound to be some acting that comes into play. We have to jump to her defense here, as well. Anyone on a reality show where the goal is finding love has to have other ulterior motives. It's just how it is. To each her own.


Some of the men seeking roses? Cody, a personal trainer; Brett, the hairstylist; Bradley, the singer who tried to woo her with song; and JJ the fashion designer.


Andi went on a goose parade date as part of the Festival of Ghent in Belgium with Marcus Grodd.


There are 25 men competing for Andi's affection, her heart and her rose.


Andi's father showed up at the first night's cocktail party to talk to the guys. She was not aware that he'd be showing up.


The new season launches May 19 and will likely run through July 28.




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