8 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Kanye West

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Get to know Kanye West, the man who won Kim Kardashian's heart.

Kanye West is about to get married for the first time. When the rhyme spitter swaps vows with reality TV diva Kim Kardashian, it'll be her third trip down the aisle and hopefully this time will be the charm for her. He will be officially off the market and finally a husband.

As the father of her daughter North and the man who helped Kim gain respect from the high fashion world, something she sought but was continuously denied, and as the person who taught her how not to lay her cards face up on the table all the time, something tells us that Kimye are the real deal and have what it takes to last. 

We're not kidding ourselves -- Hollywood marriages have incredibly short shelf lives. But Kanye and Kim seem to be a yin-yang pairing and they come across as quite capable of going the distance.

We've unearthed eight amazing facts about the rapper, many of which indicate why he was able to land Kim, to father her child and to get her to wed once again, especially since her most recent marriage was a media train wreck that ended with Kim getting egg on her pretty face.


He is insanely determined, so much so that he used to TiVo rap videos and study them and learn what he needed to do to be better than his peers. That's dedication, passion and ambition.


He is a survivor, having been involved a near-fatal and life-changing car wreck on October 23, 2002. At the time, he was best known for his behind-the-scenes production work, as opposed to his rapping. He was driving after a late night session in an L.A. studio, behind the wheel of a rented Lexus when the accident occurred. He was cut off by another vehicle and swerved into oncoming traffic. He had to have major facial surgery and was outfitted with a metal plate in his chin as a result. He had no insurance and paid for the expensive medical care out of pocket.


He has always been a Jesus Christ fan and a smart businessman, having bought a Jesus Piece -- you know, a necklace with JC's image -- and Polo threads with the $8,800 he made after selling his first beat to Windy City rapper Gravity. He later sold the JC chain to No I.D. to fund his move to NYC.


He does whatever it takes to get by. Yeezy once had the dreaded job of a telemarketer, selling insurance to credit card holders. He would doodle fantastically while he read words off the teleprompter.


He has seriously eclectic taste in music and admitted that two artists he listened to for years were confessional diva Fiona Apple and metallers System of a Down. Those two artists have nothing in common, making us think Yeezy's iPod is an exercise in contrasts.


'Ye lived in China for a year when he was 10. His mother Donda, who passed away in 2007 while undergoing a routine cosmetic procedure, was a visiting professor at Nanjing University in the country and teaching as part of an exchange program. Ma West once spoke about the ease with which her son adapted to the culture shock. He picked up the language on the quick but did not retain it.


Yeezy was once arrested for stealing Office Max printers. It was a case of mistaken identity, as he was singled out by witnesses due to his hairstyle. He had already sold beats to major stars (at the time, at least) like Lil Kim and had no occasion to jack office supplies.


He is well-respected in the fashion world with his own brand, and his sense of style has always been recognized. The jacket Yeezy donned in the "Stronger" video prompted a call from Michael Jackson, inquiring about the item. We always knew 'Ye was a fashion plate, but the King of Pop validated that opinion!




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