Must-Watch: Homeless Lottery Winner Gets Another Huge Surprise


But it wasn't due to random luck!

Get ready to pull out some tissues because this one is a tearjerker! Eric is a homeless man who was pranked by YouTuber, Magic of Rahat this March. But it wasn't a mean prank that you might expect. Rahat gave Eric a $1,000 lottery ticket and filmed the whole thing as he cashed it. Of course the homeless man was overcome with happiness of receiving such a great gift from a stranger. It has been his dream to win the lottery.

Rahat didn't stop there however. He, along with The Fundly campaign raised $40,000 to give Eric another huge gift. Of course Eric decided to film the big surprise once again.Watch the whole thing play out on Huffington Post Good News.

Watch the video at Huffington Post Good News:  Generous Homeless Lottery 'Winner' From Viral Video Gets Surprised


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