6 Ways To Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Survive


One tip? Have an end game!

Let's start by stating the obvious. Long distance relationships can be tough, but not impossible. There is enough technology today where you can both see each other's faces every day if you would like, but that doesn't mean you won’t miss certain things like going out to dinner on a whim. In order for your long distance relationship to survive you have to keep these 6 very important things in mind given to us by PopSugar.

1. Have an End Game
First things first. You need to have an honest talk about when you'll both be living in the same zip code. And if you don't know the specifics yet, at least have a ballpark date in mind for when you'll talk about the next move. Both partners need to be on the same page so that you aren't in a weird relationship limbo.

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