See Ron Howard's Gorgeous $27 Million Mansion!


Ron Howard Greenwich, Connecticut mansion
Ron Howard is selling one of the most epic mansions ever for $27 million -- and we have photos!

Legendary Hollywood movie director Ron Howard is selling his house -- and if you have a cool $27.5 million, it can be yours!

What will all that money buy you? A lot.

The mansion, located in Greenwich, Connecticut, has six bedrooms, a two-story library, a 14-seat movie theater (of course!), indoor saltwater pool, gym and yoga studio, in addition to a 2,500-square foot guest house, an indoor regulation size tennis court and basketball half court. It rests on 32 acres of land, feature a lake, an observatory, nature trails, stables and a slew of animals, including miniature horses, sheep, rescue cats, dogs and a tortoise.

As for why and how the place got so huge? It was custom-made for the camera-wielding Howard, who told The Wall Street Journal, "Everything kept evolving. We built it, and then we said, 'How about this, how about that?"'

Must be nice! Take a look at photos of the massive property below and check out more here.

Ron Howard's Greenwich, Connecticut mansion

Bryce Dallas Howard was the lady in the water -- and maybe this stellar indoor pool is where she got inspired for her character.

Ron Howard's Greenwich, Connecticut mansion

Good news for bookworms: The Howard mansion boasts two-level library and study.

Ron Howard's Greenwich, Connecticut mansion

The family has their own observatory.

Ron Howard's Greenwich, Connecticut mansion

Pianos and chandeliers abound.

Ron Howard's Greenwich, Connecticut mansion

Not everything is hardwood! There are also gold leaf and cozy touches.

Ron Howard's Greenwich, Connecticut mansion

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