5 Lifesaving Apps For Your Pregnancy


Avoid a full-out pregnancy panic attack with these apps.

With a baby on the way, beating Candy Crush Saga probably isn't the most important thing on your mind — or your phone. Here are our favorite programs for moms-in-the-making.

1. Best for Info Seekers — PREGNANCY COMPANION
Created by two OB-GYNs, this app offers a drug-safety guide, fetal-development tracker, appointment calendar and nutrition primer, among its features.
(Free, iOS and Android)

2. Best for the Absentminded — MYLABORBAGS
Prep for D-day by creating hospital-bag checklists that you can fill with default items, including the oft-forgotten warm socks, plus your own add-ins. And since Daddy needs a bag, too, email him a rundown while you're at it.
($2, iOS)

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