Selena Gomez Is Selling Her Mansion! See Pics Here!

Selena Gomez

Check out Selena Gomez's gorgeous mansion!

Selena Gomez is selling her massive, beautiful mansion!

Her home rests in Tarzana, California, and she's asking for $3.495 million for the property, and it looks like it's worth every penny.

No word yet on where Gomez is moving to once she sells her home, but here's hoping it's as stunning as this pad ... and that it's away from the spotlight and Justin Bieber, because the girl needs to focus on herself and her own recovery (and maybe complete a full rehab stint, if Coachella, Justin Bieber sex video and Jenner rumors are to be believed) and not her public life.

Check out photos of the property below and see more courtesy of Radar Online!

Selena Gomez's mansion boasts six bedrooms and bathrooms.

Selena Gomez mansion

The mansion rests on an entire acre of property and includes a guest (or maid's) suite with a private entrance Gates surround the property for privacy, which Gomez treasures when she's not courting paparazzi.

Selena Gomez mansion

There are a ton of gorgeous gardens and walkways, making the property look like a paradise

Selena Gomez mansion

A soothing fountain rests on the property, which probably comes in handy when Selena Gomez is dealing with Justin Bieber dating drama or rehab aftermath

Selena Gomez mansion

Also awesome? The huge pool in the backyard You can be like Selena Gomez's Spring Breakers co-stars James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson, if you get our drift.

Selena Gomez mansion



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