What Your Guy's Nightmares Really Mean


So what exactly keeps the men tossing and turning in their sleep?

Need more evidence that men are from Mars and women are from Venus? Well, the sexes are different even in the way they have nightmares! After a study of about 10,000 dreams reported by 500 people was performed and there was an obvious trend of the same kind of nightmares among each gender, but each gender seems to be dwelling on things in very different ways.

So what exactly keeps the men tossing and turning in their sleep? If your mind immediately went to sex then you are wrong! It turns out that men have bigger worries on their mind that has nothing to do with getting a lady into bed. What they do end up imagining, however, does reveal the man's emotional state!

Women, on the other hand, take a much more literal way to express their emotional state through their nightmares. Once you find out what most women end up having a nightmare about you can tell it has a lot to do with trying to hash out real life conflicts in a way that men tend to avoid.

Find out what men and women have nightmares about here: What Your Husband's Nightmares Reveal About Him


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