Kate Bosworth Is Selling Her Gorgeous Mansion! (Photos)

Kate Bosworth

See photos of Kate Bosworth's mansion — and find out how much she wants for it!

Blue Crush star Kate Bosworth is selling her mansion, and it's a beauty! The three-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home rests in the Hollywood Hills and has 2,890 square feet of space.

Bosworth has been married to director Michael Polish (we still can't get over how gorgeous this couple is) since 2012. She bought her home in 2005, during her pre-wife days that included a romance with Orlando Bloom, one with Alexander Skasgard, a relationship with James Rousseau and a rumored (and photographed) dalliance with Coldplay singer Chris Martin, who was still married to Gwyneth Paltrow at the time (way before their "conscious uncoupling"). The blonde beauty, who boasts one brown eye and one blue, is asking $2.49 million for her pretty pad.

See photos of Bosworth's bachelorette pad below and find more at Radar Online!

Even the outside areas are cozy

Kate Bosworth's mansion

The Hollywood Hills look even warmer and more inviting at Kate Bosworth's house

Kate Bosworth's mansion

The lap pool may be how Kate Bosworth stays so skinny

Kate Bosworth's mansion

The chef's kitchen has state of the art appliances and a ton of space for cooking and baking sweet stuff

Kate Bosworth's mansion



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