It's YOUR Day: Six People You Don't Need to Invite to Your Weddin


It's YOUR Day: Six People You Don't Need to Invite to Your Weddin
Weddings are a huge affair - reign it in a little by NOT inviting some o these people.

The number of guests on the list for a wedding can easily get out of hand because you don't want to offend anyone by leaving them out. However, sometimes less is more, so leave these people off the list.

1 Estranged or Unknown Relative
Just because you are related to someone does not mean you are obligated to invite this person to your wedding. If you rarely speak to this family member, inviting him or her would just create an awkward situation. If you are feuding, the notion of reconciliation at your wedding might sound romantic, but is hardly realistic.

2 Former Partner
Do not invite former partners, even if you both maintain a civil relationship. Inviting an ex, even if you have children together, shows bad taste and puts stress on your current partner.

3 Distant Friend
Don't impose the inconvenience of long-distance travel on friends who live far away, unless they're best friends. Even if you offer to pay for their expenses, these friends would still have to take time off from work and interrupt their family routines. These unreasonable expectations could even create feelings of resentment and put a strain on the friendship in the future.

4 Employer
Do not invite the boss because a wedding is a personal event while work is about business. It's awkward and you don't need that extra pressure. It may be different if you're friends with your boss outside of work, but you shouldn't feel obligated to do so.

5 Service Professional
Customers often mistake good service and personal discussions during appointments for friendship. This applies especially to hair stylists because they seem a regular part of life. However, this includes service providers like mechanics, mail delivery personnel, housekeepers and medical professionals as well. While interaction with service professionals takes place on a regular level, this type of relationship does not necessarily equate friendship. Additionally, service professionals will likely feel out of place among the other guests at your wedding, even if they do feel close to you.

Inviting anyone who fits these five criteria (provided they do not fall in the close-friend category) can actually denote bad taste or create awkward moments at the wedding.

Information credited to Child Custody Lawyer Ronald S. Clement

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