Top 5 Places Sex Goes Wrong


Top 5 Places Sex Goes Wrong
Sexual repression is most prevalent in these 5 locations... and may be affecting your sex life.

In America, we are a fast-paced, ever-evolving, innovative nation. We’re always looking at how we can be bigger, better, and more successful. Technology is a prime example – just in the last 10 years, technology has changed rapidly. Before that, technology was slugging along with a few changes every few years.

But what is the one thing we’re not addressing?



Over the past few decades… wait, I mean centuries, our viewpoints about sex have not changed. The puritanical seed was planted around the 1700’s and has remained for hundreds of years. No-one is questioning our current dwindling of sexuality and how that may be linked to our escalating sexual health dilemmas, as well as the astronomical sexual dissatisfaction.

Instead, old-fashioned laws and beliefs about women and sex are parodied by comedians, reality tv shows, and radio stations, but the underlying stigma around sex still permeates our every encounter – from the classroom to the doctor’s office to the voting booth to the bedroom.

So where did sex go wrong?

  1. In the classroom: 

    Evidence proves again and again that abstinence-only sex education does not lower teen birth rates or pre-marital sex; in fact those students are 50% more likely to get pregnant (Journal of Adolescent Health). In fact, Mississippi has the highest teen birth rate in the country and more than half of its school districts prohibit discussion of contraceptive methods. Furthermore, 80% of federally funded abstinence-only programs misrepresent information. One California school district told students that STD’s could be prevented by “plenty of rest.” Reference my recent blog post here about the difference between America’s sex education and more sexually open minded countries such as France, and the significant decrease in teen birth rates.

    Plus, did you know that Congress has spent over $1.5 billion on abstinence-only programs in the past 25 years?

  2. In church:

    There is only one religion that is pro-masturbation and views sex outside of marriage as NOT a sin. And this religion is the oldest religion in the world and to this day, still includes rituals with sexual inferences. Temple still exist with erotic sculptures. Welcome to Hinduism. Could you imagine Christian or Catholic churches being adorned with sculptures and art of naked bodies engaging in kinky sexual activities? The dogma that the blessed Virgin Mary was immaculately conceived and Jesus was virginally conceived goes against what we are taught about conception and pro-creation – and we are meant to believe that why? And the wrongness that is insinuated that you are less than Virgin Mary because you engage in sexual intercourse is designed to keep you vibrating from a place of “not being good enough”, therefore you adopt behaviors that mimic “walking on eggshells” so that you don’t fall prey to sin.

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