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“Entourage” Star Jeremy Piven Caught in Scandal


Sophie Turner, is hiding a dirty little secret.

Entourage star Jeremy Piven, 48, has reportedly been dating 31-year-old Australian model Sophie Turner, but his sugar baby has been hiding a dirty little secret—she’s married with a kid. The affair scandal has now been revealed, and in the worst possible way. Sophie Turner was allegedly arrested back in March 2014 for attacking her secret husband, Gianmichele Gennari, after he confronted her about her illicit relationship with Jeremy Piven. Gennari claimed that he tried to talk to his wife about her “sexually provocative choices,” including her revealing clothing and “flaunting to the paparazzi she’s single and available.” The fight happened on the same night that Sophie Turner reportedly left her husband at home with their daughter to hook up with Piven at a hotel.… Read more t : “Entourage” Star Jeremy Piven Caught in Scandal After His Married Sugar Baby Gets Arrested


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