Bedroom Intervention: 13 Signs Your Sex Life Needs A Boost


Switched up your hair color more often than you've changed up your moves? Here's what to do

Many women love to read sex advice because it's something that doesn't come up often in everyday conversation. So it's fun to see something that is usually hidden revealed so it can help you with your own sex life. But how do you know if you actually need sex advice? Are you really just curious or are you seeking advice because deep down you know that your sex life isn't that hot?

In order to find out, we have 13 signs your sex life needs a boost and solutions for each problem!

1. When it comes to sex positions, let's just say you've switched up your hair color more often than you've changed up your moves.
This is a common problem for people who have been together a long time. You know what each other like pretty well, and things start becoming routine. You can tell your partner what he or she is going to do before he or she does it. Of course this means you are both comfortable with each other, but expected can definitely get boring. A solution to this problem is checking out these 36 sex positions to add to your repertoire. You're welcome.

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