After Moving in Together: Six Tips to Giving Up Half Your Bed Eve


After Moving in Together: Six Tips to Giving Up Half Your Bed Eve
Moving in together is fun and exciting, but sharing a bed can be challenging!

You eagerly anticipated suburban bliss. Then you discovered he snores, and she hogs the blankets. The fairy tales never talked about this! When you were single, it was all about you. Now, compromise is the name of the game.

1 Go for the King

“Enjoying a good night’s sleep requires a dependable mattress that feels comfortable to you,” explains the Mattress Store in Annapolis, Maryland. If you have two bodies averaging 100-200 pounds each, a full- or queen-size bed is going to be a squeeze. If you can afford it, go king. You will thank yourselves for the investment!

2 See The Light

A big complaint beyond who gets more mattress space is who turned the lights on at 6:00 AM. If one partner needs to rise early or stays up until all hours, invest in cute, functional bedside lamps. Make a house rule: between 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM, bedside lamps only. While this does not provide total darkness, it beats having a spotlight boring down on you. Another solution to the early-morning blues is new curtains. Buy thick, opaque curtains, but allow your mate to open them at a reasonable hour. The arrangement avoids stress over unexpected intrusions, allowing you to steal some extra snooze time.

3 Drown The Noise

We have an advantage over our parents’ generation regarding ambient noise. The advent of smart devices means that if your hubby must stay up to watch Monday night football in bed, he can access the game on a mobile device and wear headphones so you can get your beauty rest. Show the same courtesy and plug into your own headphones when you need soundscapes lulling you to sleep. Headphones are also a great way to drown out either partner’s snores!

4 Make It Zen

Many couples opt to keep electronics out of the bedroom, making it an oasis of tranquility. In fact, Feng Shui teaches that ousting the electronics keeps negative energies from invading your bedroom. Understandably, that may not be either partner’s style.

5 Cherish Your Space

Even if you choose to allow one another’s hobbies and distractions into the bedroom, don’t overlook the opportunity to bond. Before racing out of bed on Saturday morning, spend some time cuddling, sharing plans or talking about your week. Cherish this time; it may even help you learn to love your partner’s bedtime quirks. Nobody said happily-ever-after was easy. However, your biggest contention doesn’t have to who woke whom up again, either.


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