7 Dating Apps That Will Show Off Your Sexiest Trait: Confidence!


Online dating advice for showing off confidence
Ladies, it's 2014 and we know you're using online dating. Here's how to do it the right way!

5. Revealr
If you've ever been turned on (or off) based simply on the sound of someone's voice, you know how strongly voice can factor into attraction. Studies have shown that 75% of the time, people can correctly match someone’s picture to his or her voice, so you actually can get a good sense of what someone may look like based on voice alone. Revealr is a new dating app that works like Tinder except the profile photo that's displayed is pixelated. The main attraction, instead, is a 20-second audio clip of the user introducing him- or herself. Once two users like each other's voices, then photos and other details are revealed. When you feel confident, your voice exudes it. So get on Revealr and start talking, all you confident ladies!

6. Hinge
Hinge connects users through their Facebook profiles, which means that the profile you see is the same one that a potential date's family and friends see, too. In other words, besides the usual Facebook embellishments, you get a fairly authentic overview of someone. It's a pretty bold move to choose to share a Facebook profile with a potential date (Hinge displays your education, work history, and so on — as well as your 25 most recent profile pictures, but not your status updates or timeline info), so the message that comes across is: I'm confident enough to not need to create an overinflated online dating profile. And that's pretty cool.


7. Ditch the apps & go do the things you love to do
OK, so this last one isn’t an app at all. Some of us have gotten so comfortable looking for Mr. or Ms. Right online that we've forgotten the art of meeting someone offline. Nothing shows off confidence more than striking up conversation with someone new. And if you're both doing something you enjoy — like rock-climbing, yoga or learning Mandarin — chances are you’ll have a lot to talk about. Plus, research shows that men are more likely to approach a woman who seems confident (ie. those who smile, sit up straight, make eye contact, etc.) than one who simply looks good.

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