A Morning Routine to Help You Take on the Day


A Morning Routine to Help You Take on the Day
Developing a good morning routine can help you take on your day with more confidence and poise.

Mornings can be rough and, it seems, the rougher the morning the rougher the day. Here is a morning routine to give you confidence to take on the day.


1 Drink Water

Since our bodies are made of about 70% water it makes sense that drinking water almost anytime is good for us. But drinking water in the morning, particularly warm water, is especially healthy. Drinking two glasses of water in the morning can boost metabolism throughout the day, meaning you digest food better, which is good for weight loss. It's also thought to jump start our major organs, getting them to work more efficiently after our bodies have been asleep all night.

2 Stretch

Even doing just five minutes of simple stretches each morning can provide numerous benefits. Stretching gets the blooding flowing throughout the body, including the brain. This may help you wake up faster and not feel so sluggish. This increased blood flow will help improve concentration. Stretches will also increase your energy and improve posture.

3 Brush AND Floss

We all hate flossing, but it is as important as brushing. Taking care of your teeth right when you make up can help your mouth feel fresher throughout the day. When we're eating, talking, and just moving around, our saliva production helps keep teeth clean and excessive bacteria from forming. The lack of movement in the mouth during sleep and decreased saliva gives bacteria and decay a chance to build, making morning teeth cleaning essential.

4 Quiet Time

Whether it's prayer, meditation, or simply making a list of goals for the day, take time to calmly find your center and plan your day. You'll accomplish a lot more if you have an organized plan of action and feel relaxed and in control of your day. You'll accomplish more than if you just haphazardly attack problems as they come your way.

These are all simple, but highly effective parts of a routine that will help improve overall health. Most people already do at least one of these. Incorporating them all will get you off to a great start each morning.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing about health and wellness and spending time with her dog, Max. Information credited to Dentrix Dental Care, Dentist in Red Deer.


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