Ways to Make Sex More Fun in New Jersey


Ways to Make Sex More Fun in New Jersey
Ways to Make Sex More Fun in New Jersey

No doubt that everyone has its own life and its may differ when it comes to personal life, most sex isn't like that! Same sex is sexy, some are routine and some are fun. If your sex life is not so good you can choose the way to make it fully spicy with New Jersey escort girl(s), such as Sexy Games to Spice up Your encounter, below are the few, which you can opt…

Sexy Alphabets Game

You can try this game in this game any one partner start with the alphabet A and assign a body part , which starts with the letter. Your partner must kiss or caress that part as soon as you utter the name.

Truth / Dare: A favorite game among not only teenager over the years because this can be customized to cater to your sexual needs. In this game you and your partner begin by writing five naughty dares on paper pieces and placing them in a bowl. Next, you ask your partner "Truth or Dare?" If the answer is Truth, then ask the sexy question you have always secretly desired to ask. If your partner doesn't answer, then they have to choose one of your Dares. This game can be a very intimate as well as learning sexual experience for couples.

Time bomb Sex Game

For play this game you need a clock or you can use your cell phone timer now pick a time interval for example -20 minutes or whatever interval you choose, you have to wait and  stop the penetration until that much time has elapsed, and of course this will make you  both more horny and spicy. It is a good solution if you are not familiar with foreplay techniques.

Toe Kissing

If you don’t know that the toes and fingers are a hot and sexy zone in a female body, even she can achieve orgasm just by touch or sucking toe sexually, but keep in mind that your partners have already taken a deep breath before starting this activity.

Dirty Talking

If you want to make your partner horny then start just talks dirty, and it makes a real turn on for most ladies, you can tell her what are you sexy fantasy or etc., it’s a hidden fact that women like a man who confident and who is not afraid to be sexy and dirty. So, start talk openly and encourage her to open her mind nude and bold, and when she agrees to proceed to the real game.

Read the Signs and answer game

Your partner mute for some time and pass you some sign and you have to answer it verbally, if you understand and give the answer correct, ask to partner for any one cloth off to the body, and continue until you both fully nude, if your partner is very shy and hesitate to undress in front of you, then in that case this is a good idea to handle your shy wife, girlfriend, or of course husband or boyfriend also.

A guessing game or the Blindfolds always make for great lovemaking - these games can puts new twists on the concept, for more nude fun visit escortsjerseycity.com

These are some basic game to play at night or make partner sexually happy, if your wife not interested then you can try these with your escort girl in New Jersey for hire a girl to enjoy visit escortsjerseycity.com


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