Who Do We Love? Meet The YourTango Staff's 'Imaginary Boyfriends'


Yeah, we need to get out more.

So, since we spend so much of our day talking about love at the YourTango office, the topic of our imaginary boyfriends (and girlfriends) naturally came up. Come on, don't pretend like you don't have one too. We all do it, and here is the list of the people we love in our minds to prove it.


Benedict Cumberbatch: "The snark, the eyes, the swoon-worthy grin. Oy vey, I would do anything for that man!" – Kristen, Social Media Editor


Tom Hardy: "Toned arms + sexy accent = What more does a girl need? Also, because of this photo (animal lovers for the win!)" – Cassandra, Editorial Assistant


Aaron Paul: "Aaron Paul is the epitome of a hot guy who is also famous for being incredibly nice and a hopeless romantic. A triple threat! Also: His eyes. And the vulnerability he brought to the Jesse Pinkman character. He is the anti-celebrity, and that is so endearing!" - Kristine, Executive Editor


Leonardo DiCaprio "My imaginary husband ... Leo DiCaprio ... What can I say about my beau, Leo? He's a total dreamboat, he's a lover of animals in both his laughable/ridiculous/amazing photo shoots with pets (have you seen him holding puppies?Look at him holding puppies!) and his more serious work as a global ambassador saving the world's natural habitats, and it was totally love at first sight when I saw him in Titanic as a seven-year-old. Really, I'm forever a '90s girl at heart. ("Leo, you can draw me like one of your French girls. #winkyface.")

"I do have soft spots in my heart for Tom Hiddleston (#geekalert) and Prince Harry (the beard is preferable) as well. (Our social media editor asked for one, but I'm picking three to be a rebel!)." – Alexandra, Editorial Assistant


John Cusack In Your Eyes ("Say Anything") – Sally, COO


Anna Kendrick "She's a really compelling actress ('Up In The Air' was great) and competent singer ('Pitch Perfect' is a delight). On top of her talent she seems attainable. I like my fictional girlfriends not to be completely out of my league." – Tom, Business Manager/Office Superman


Adam Pally "If I have to choose a dude, I'd go with Adam Pally. If you don't know who he is, I suggest, you start watching 'The Mindy Project' and catching 'Happy Endings' on VH1. He's hilarious and incredibly, see above, attainable." – Also Tom


John Krasinski "Funny + Romantic = Swoon!" – Lauren, Celeb Editor


Joseph Gordon Levitt "He is just adorable, multi-talented, and seems pretty approachable." – Nicole, Editorial Intern


John Francis Daley "Because he's a witty writer/actor ... and he ignores me on Twitter." – Diana, Editorial Assistant


Adam Levine "Because 'People' say, he's the Sexiest Man Alive!" – Tina, Experts Team


James Franco "He's super-weird, cleans up so nice (see Gucci ads) and would make the worst Christian Grey ever."– Michelle, LoveBuzz Editor


Ryan Gosling (also, Adam Levine and the guy from the café downstairs): "I do think Allie's on to something with a top 3 selection. Ultimate girl crush: Helen Fisher!" – Andrea, CEO/Fearless Leader


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