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Fighting for your marriage?


What everybody ought to know about this relationship business to stay together.

I had tremendous stress in the marriage for years to the point that it started to affect my physical and emotional health.Then I heard of a seminar going on locally about relationships. What intrigued me the most was I found out that some people have inherent personality traits that causes them to do and say certain things hurtful things. I found out that according to scientific research there are five distinctive personality types and that everybody has one or more of them that they are born with.Once I found out what type I and my spouse were and the things I could do to cause change. We were able to take divorce off the table. Visit to find out more. This is where I found an automated system that determines your personality type. It asked me a few questions and within minutes I knew the personality types and the traits of those types. This helped my marriage. Maybe you can have the luck I did.


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