'The Bachelor's Renee Oteri's Engagement Ring Is A Dazzler!

Renee Oteri & Juan Pablo

A week after dropping out of 'The Bachelor', Renee announced her engagement.

Recent Bachelor contestant Renee Oteri's whirlwind engagement came as a bit of a shock (a mere week after the fan-favorite left the show!) but from the size of her engagement ring, you'd think she and her new fiancé had been together for years! Renee recently Instagrammed a pic of the ring and there's no question it's a stunner.

The super-sparkly creation from fiancé Bracy, features dozens of tiny diamonds (and one big one), and weighs an impressive carat-and-a-half. Even sweeter still is the story the couple has to go along with it. 

See the pic over at Wetpaint: Renée Oteri's Engagement Ring: EXCLUSIVE Details On Her Stunning Diamonds!

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