Pass The Ice Cream: Did You Mourn Your Breakup Too Much?

woman with her head in her hands

When is it really time to get out of bed and put away the ice cream? There's a timeline for that!

We have all been there where there was one bad ending to a relationship that just seems to stun us. The breakup can leave us not wanting to go out, it leaves us insecure and it puts us in a state of mourning.

It can be very tough to gage whether you are wallowing too much in misery after a breakup. How do you know when it's time to get out of bed and put the Ben & Jerry's away for good? On the otherhand, did you fully allow yourself to heal or did you rush through recovery too quickly? So what is the magic formula to an accurate mourning time for a relationship? Well that answer is based on what kind of breakup you endured.

Find out what the correct mourning period is for these situations here: Dating Don’ts: Suggested Mourning Timelines For 3 Different Kinds Breakups

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