Love Shocker! Did Adam Brody & Leighton Meester Secretly Marry?


That was quick!



Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are married, just three months after their already quickie engagement!

Brody was spotted at LAX wearing a gold band on his all-important finger. That's the only photographic confirmation of the couple's nuptials, though, because they're super private!

Brody, 34, and Meester, 27, were first linked a year ago. A few weeks after it was reported they were an item, the couple was spotted dining together in Venice, California.

Rumors of their engagement hit around November, though they've kept a low profile since. Meester reportedly had a bachelorette party at Hamburger Mary's restaurant in West Hollywood a few weeks ago, and the couple was spotted lounging in St. Regis Punta Mita Resort in Mexico from Feb. 12 to Feb. 15. Sounds like a pretty stellar Valentine's Day to us!

The couple never even confirmed they were together, let alone married or engaged. Perhaps they learned their lesson from previous relationships: Brody was publicly linked to his O.C. co-star Rachel Bilson for years until their 2006 split, while Meester was reportedly devastated when she and Gossip Girl co-star Sebastian Stan broke up in 2010 after two years together.

Meester previously told Marie Claire, "I'm not sure I ever want to get married. I never had a boyfriend until I was 18. It's nice, I guess — when you like them. But it isn't the most important thing. The only time a relationship is good is when you really love them. I don't want to hang out with some guy I just like."

Looks like she found someone she really loves then! Congrats to the happy couple!


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