What The Heck Is 'Air Sex'? Ashley Bell Gives Us The Scoop


The actress also fills us in on her new movie, her directorial debut and her Broadway premiere.

Need a little bedroom jumpstart? The Last Exorcism's Ashley Bell has just the thing: Air sex! The actress, and (deep breath now) Broadway star, film director, and film producer, stars in a new indie flick entitled Love & Air Sex, the latter of which she says "is a real thing."

The 27-year-old also gives us the deets on her upcoming documentary about Asian elephants, why she fought tooth and nail to secure a role in her new comedy, and whether or not fans can expect a follow-up to The Last Exorcism.

Get the details in her interview with Fox News Entertainment: Ashley Bell Talks 'Air Sex,' 'The Last Exorcism' Legacy

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