Why You Should Thank TIME's New Marriage App For Trolling You


time marriage app: TIME's Offensive New Marriage App Is A Blessing In Disguise
A new app that tells single women when they should get married is unintentionally empowering.

What I don't get is how the women I know who claim to be happily single are so pissed about this. Why would they care? This app might as well tell me when I should have gotten my plumber's license. (Though tell me when I should have published my first book, and sure, I'll get a little uncomfortable, too.)

There's a huge bell curve in science, and what's statistically normal covers a broad range of territory. It's dangerous to start questioning whether you 'could ever' do a thing you want to, just because others already did. (Worth noting is that the app does not account for how happy/miserable/bored any of your married friends are).


My point is, rather than be mad at the app, you should thank it. Because if you choose to look into its pixelated reflection, it will at the very least give you a moment's pause: Are you happy with what you're doing, and who you're doing it with? Is this the direction in which you want to be going? If not, what can you do about it? We have limited time on the planet, and limited energy in which to do everything we want to do. So, any good wake-up call—even an intrusive app that is trolling single women and trying to scare them into submission—will make sure you're spending that time wisely.

Data is notoriously useless as an advice-giver or meaning-maker, as my colleague, neuroscience expert Kayt Sukel, author of This Is Your Brain on Sex, has told me; Its purpose is only to tell, to show correlations. It can't spell out cause and effect, nor predict what will happen. You wouldn't blame the FitBit app for implying you're fat, so don't blame the marriage app for telling you what choices you should make.

Also, don't waste time being mad about it. Thank this and all the other apps for giving you a bird's-eye view of where you are on the map. Then, decide where you'll go next.

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