Jimmy Fallon's Candid Interview About Struggling To Have A Baby


The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon
"You have to go out and be funny every night and tell jokes and act like nothing's going wrong."

YourTango: Speaking of music, do you sing to her?
Jimmy Fallon:
I usually just noodle on guitar and just sing about her or whatever is going on. If I'm about to change her diaper, I'll sing to her about that.

YourTango: As busy as you are, when do you spend time with her?
Jimmy Fallon:
Before I go to work, I hang out with her for a good couple hours. My wife tries to keep her awake as late as she can so I can come home and get to see her a good hour at nighttime. Either way, I go in to kiss her in the crib, but I don't want to wake her up. She's a pretty good sleeper. We have a place in upstate New York, that's our getaway — it's quiet, it's just the family. But it also gets you psyched to come back into the city and the hustle and the bustle.


YourTango: Have you thought about having another child, the same way or adopting?
Jimmy Fallon:
Sure, I think we'd love to. If we're lucky with any of that stuff, absolutely.


Photo: James White/NBC

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