Check, Please! 7 Ways To Ruin A First Date


first date disaster
Men and women reveal the behaviors that destroyed first dates.

6. Revealing Too Much, Too Soon
It's important to feel comfortable on your date, but there's a time and a place for everything, and revealing something too personal, even if it's not a big deal, can be a big mood-killer. Andrew, 27, said his date was ruined after five minutes when his date mentioned she had only ovary out of the blue.

Sarah knew there would be no second date when her date complained about how broke he was. She didn't mind that he wasn't loaded, but talking about money problems on date one was a major don't.


7. Lying About Something Big
On the other side of oversharing, there's straight-up lying about a major part of your life, like having children. And when you're caught in a lie during your first date, there's really no going back.

Christina, 29, met a man at the grocery store and spoke on the phone with him for a few weeks before going on a date. She asked if he had children and he  said he didn't ... and then their date happened. "While we were at dinner a pissed-off woman walked into the restaurant, looked around and headed straight for him. She yelled at him about being a deadbeat, dropped a kid in his lap and left. He tried to tell me that it was his little cousin and that he forgot he was supposed to babysit but I had seen enough and left. I later found out that his ex has gone to his mom's house (yeah he still lived at home), his mom had told her where he was because she was tired of always watching his son when he was supposed to have him, so the girl came and dropped the kid off so she could go out."

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