21 Signs You're Obsessed With 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Andy Samberg in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Don't act like you're not impressed with this freshman comedy!

Sure, the Golden Globe Best Comedy win for Brooklyn Nine-Nine may have caused a few, er, lots of jaws to drop.

But if you're like us, you've been obsessed with this team of misfit cops since Peralta (Andy Samberg) stood up from his desk wearing a shirt and tie tucked into his tighty-whiteys! (Trust us, you can't unsee it.)

Here are just a few signs you might be hooked on this show!

You're shipping a Peralta-Santiago romance!
Gina is your imaginary BFF.
In the Firemen vs. Police Officer battle, you know what side to represent.
Terry Crews.
You, too, have rated all the pizzerias in your neighborhood just like Boyle. #Mouthfeel.
Just to be more like Gina, you've renamed your dance troupe Floorgasm. Because, obvs.
You've created a drinking game with one rule: Drink every time Holt stares completely disinterested in Peralta's wacky charades.
Fire Extinguisher Roller Chair Derby.
Oh, and did we mention Terry Crews?
You hope Rosa will one day give Boyle a chance.
February 2nd is marked on your calendar for one reason: The episode that introduces us to Holt's husband will air!
Puppies! We'll adopt 'em, Captain! (Even if we are allergic. *Achoo*)
Shoutout to 'Fievel Goes West'
This. #90sreferencesforlife
Doug Judy, you will see justice. Peralta and Rosa will catch the Pontiac Bandit eventually!
The gut-busting laughter this scene provided over and over again.
Diaz is your spirit guide to being a total badass.
The extreme amounts of sympathy you feel for Santiago as she awkwardly fumbles while trying to impress her boss — you've totally been there, too!
Wanting to pump your fist for this moment of female bonding.
Adorkable bromance alert!
You truly hope the episode airing after the Super Bowl will bring more fans to this underrated sitcom.