See The Sex Ed Poster That Has Parents In Kansas Freaking Out


Is this sex ed poster informative, X rated, or just another Saturday night?

It's tough to teach sex education. Many people have the same goal of wanting to prevent young ones from having sex — especially unprotected sex — and teen pregnancy. There is, however, a lot of debate on what will successfully stop these things from happening.

It's a hard balance wanting to let kids be kids and wanting them to be informed to make the right decision. In Kansas, this balance has definitely come to a head when parents found out that a poster listing various sexual acts was posted in the classroom.

Many of these activities are not unknown to 13-year-olds who have access to internet and television, but many parents are still arguing that the list of sexual acts is just too much for the young classroom.

Find out what was in the poster here: Kansas Parents Freaked The Eff Out Over This Offensive Sex Ed Poster

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