30 Guilty Pleasures To Proudly Partake In Together


guilty pleasures
Nothing bonds you together quite like bad behavior.

17. Face masks. Has he said he refuses to indulge in an at-home skin treatment? That's probably because he hasn't tried a cucumber and aloe mask. Call his bluff.

18. Baking. A tray full of gooey chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven? This is childhood-level guilty pleasure.


19. Visit to the "toy" store. We're not talking FAO Shwartz.

20. Pedicures. Real men get pedis. Throw in a 10-minute massage for good measure.

21. Video games. Grand Theft Auto: not just for dudes anymore.

22. Horror movies. Jump scares and crazy suspense are an amazing, adrenaline-rush of an excuse to get very, very close.

23. A bottle of wine—each. (Or two.) This is wine: Please don't hold back.

24. Springing for a second movie at the theater. Why do you have to pick just one? Especially during Oscar season. Or during the summer when you want to take advantage of free A.C. Or anytime really.

25. Naked Sundays. Good enough for Christina Aguilera and her former husband, good enough for you.

26. Expensive bedding. 1000-thread-count Egyptian cotton. Satin. Beech wood. Whichever fabric you prefer, luxurious bedding changes the entire experience.

27. Champagne and caviar. Live like the other half tonight.

28. People watching. Better than just watching, make up a scenario for each person who walks by. "The next person who walks by was your spouse in another life." "The next couple who walks by met at a swingers' club." 

29. Dance party. Crank it up, let it all hang out, repeat.

30. Velveeta. There's a shortage of your favorite guilty-pleasure food of all time. Run, don't walk, to stock up on this ooey, gooey, cheesy delight. 



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