How to Shower Yourself With Love


How to Shower Yourself With Love
Tips and actions items on how to shower yourself with love.

No-body is perfect…so be gentle with yourself!

3. Your Soul. Your soul or spirit is your life force. Your soul is where you find your peace and deeper purpose.


Religion. Chances are your personal religion will address the questions and answers when it comes your soul. Practicing your religion will help strengthen your soul. If you don’t have a religion you can still engage in activities that you find peaceful and meaningful.

Spirituality. If you don’t have a religion you can still engage in activities that you find peaceful and meaningful. What is it that you do to connect to your higher power, your “God-source?” Whatever that is, be sure to do it often. You would be surprised at how much better you feel.

Enlightenment. This is often described as a moment of revelation where you discover something about your inner self or about the world and how it works ~ sort of like your Oprah “Ah-ha moment.” You could read and write about it endlessly, but you can only continue living your life in order to experience it. Here is an interesting read for the workplace ~ Buddha 9-5 The 8-fold Path the Enlightening Your Workplace and Improving Your Bottom Line.


One activity to consider trying is yoga. It is an ancient practice that connects the mind, body, and spirit. During a yoga session you’ll go through different postures and meditation exercises. During this connection of the mind and body, you just might experience an inner calm, too. I’m still working on this one…will keep you posted on how things are coming along.

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