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Brangelina - The Most Fashionable Couple


Brangelina - The Most Fashionable Couple
When celebrities have their match, it reflects in their style chemistry too.

They step out on the red carpet in the most elegant formal wear, shop around with their Kids in smart casual wear and sport the most fashionable attires for everything in between. Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, continues to surprise their fans with their amazing sense of style and mutual chemistry. They consistently ruled the charts in 2013 with their classy and edgy looks. Check out some of their best looks of 2013.

Black never goes out of fashion for these two (well, it is a hot favorite for many of us). The couple rarely veers away from their dark palette and when they do it never goes wrong, especially in their case. When these two walk the red carpet, Brad is often seen chiseled in a suit, while Angelina is dressed gracefully in gowns, we all remember the high split gown.

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Angie and Brad are adorable in every sense. If we look closely – we can’t help but think that their style always reflect their great chemistry. Not many would know that the 38-year-old fashion Diva’s partner Brad often selects Angie’s Red Carpet attires. Being with Brad Pitt has actually tempered her over the top of stylists on almost all the occasions. These days she opts for classy ensembles from top designers of the fashion industry.
Despite their several appearances, they have never failed to make a power entry at an award function or a movie promotion. They leave their audience mesmerized and bring home the fact that they indeed are the most fashionable couple.

At some point they might seem like they’re trying hard to not to look like superstars but they fail to be so. Every inch of them is a superstar. Though, Angie has occasionally been criticized for being too thin, or no longer shinning on the red carpet due to her shunning off of bold colors. But she definitely silences her haters with stunning looks and her flattering figure.

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Even though, they are not that well dressed on several occasions, Angie looks chic and comfortable and Brad looks a fun personality most of the time.

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