5 Reasons To Love New 'Saturday Night Live' Star Sasheer Zamata!


The newest 'SNL' cast member, Sasheer Zamata, is worth the hype. See why here!

Sasheer Zamata is here!

The funny lady is the first black female Saturday Night Live cast member since Maya Rudolph. What took so long?!

In any case, the hilarious and adorable Zamata is going to be a huge star. Here's why!

She's not afraid to tackle the touchy subjects like love and sexZamata covered race, sex, love, and interracial relationships in one video—and it was to die for.


And Facebook. Does her banter in this clip sound familiar? Love the stereotypical gender reversal!


She's not afraid to call out the stereotypes and typecasting in show biz. How exactly do you sound "black?"


She's got really amusing insight on dating and sex. In her series The Pursuit Of Sexiness, Zamata examines just about everything imaginable in terms of romance, relationships and getting laid. Here, she's the funniest golddigger ever. Someone call Kanye West!


She can take something potentially traumatic and make it entertaining for the rest of us. When Zamata was subjected to a flasher, she didn't respond the way most of us would.


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