24 Signs You May Have A 'GIRLS' Addiction


Hannah, Shosh, Marnie and Jessa are back with a whole new list of 20-something problems.

Adam and Hannah are back together, Jessa is coming home, Shosh is turning into a sex machine, and well, Marnie is … Marnie.

All is right in the world because GIRLS season 3 premieres on Sunday and you are beyond excited. You've probably watched the trailer a million times because you have a problem — you are completely addicted to all things Lena Dunham.

Here are 25 signs to help you identify your addiction:

1. When you found out that Charlie wasn't coming back this season:

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2. It's a daily struggle debating whether you love or hate Adam:


3. No matter how much you want to like Marnie, you just can't stop hating her sometimes:

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4. You wish you could be more of a free spirit like Jessa:

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5. Speaking of Jessa, when you saw that she was back in the previews:


6. Sometimes you feel like you could totally turn your life story into a TV series:


7. Ray is one of the most underrated characters on the show:

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8. It kind of bothers you that GIRLS is on HBO, a channel most 20-somethings can't even afford:

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9. Thanks to Hannah, you use more caution than ever when using a Q-tip:

10. Speaking of Hannah, give it up for Lena Dunham for demonstrating positive body image:

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11. And you know deep in your heart that Lena Dunham is your spirit animal:


12. When she won the Emmy, you were like:

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13. Sometimes you wonder if 20-somethings are actually bathing with their friends:


14. Booth Jonathan … enough said:


15. GIRLS has made you confident in your financial situation:


16. And has taught you that things could always be worse:


17. You called dibs on Charlie the moment he cut his hair:


18. Shoshanna's hairstyles should be considered a work of art:


19. You've compared each of your friends to one of the GIRLS characters:

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20. On more than one occasion you've used the phrase "It's a Wednesday night, baby, and I'm alive!":


21. Who cares that The New Normal was cancelled? That just means more Elijah next season:

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22. You really felt for Hannah when her parents cut her off financially:


23. Seriously, January 12th can't come soon enough:


24. And finally, GIRLS just reinforces your belief that nothing is more important than your girlfriends:


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