The Nature Of A Cheater: 5 Signs You Need To Know


The Nature Of A Cheater: 5 Signs You Need To Know
Infidelity can't always be stopped, but you can recognize it before becoming another victim.

This is one of those abilities that I feel quite fortunate to have yet, disappointed by how I came to obtain. I'm referring to the skill of recognizing a cheater. Never once having done so myself, I have dated enough of them to be alert of the trouble headed my way so that I can avoid being duped again and save others from the same heartache to boot. While many people struggle with why their partners deceive them to begin with (that which I will touch on a bit later in the article), most daters and spouses have the red flags right in front of them all along and choose to overlook their presence. Deriving from my experiences as example, let me lay out the definitive 5 signs that you're other half is probably seeing and/or sleeping with someone else:

5) They keep quiet about their daily routine


Sounds obvious right? But looking back on any relationships you had where you were cheated on, can you remember the details of the talks you had leading to the breakup? No. Of course not, because there isn't usually much conversation happening between you by the time they've started screwing behind your back.

When it comes to men, sure, they already don't say too much (one of the biggest dividers of the sexes), but if he's being completely vague when you try and get any interaction going, he's trying to create an invisible barrier to distance from you emotionally.

Women are notorious for babbling on to anyone willing to listen (ha)! Once your lady is no longer boring you with what you feel at times is pointless chatter like she typically does, the reason could be is that she's found someone else who's made a point to give her the attention she's been looking for.

4) They begin to frequently cancel seeing you / have late nights out

I know, I know, how can I jump to conclusions with this stereotypical reason? Some spouses or partners CAN have careers or jobs that fall under this category. But let's make it clear that I'm referring to the ones with part time gigs, daytime work that has no possibility of running into overtime, and those who make it their business not to have employment at all.

When you first start seeing someone, the new and exciting rush of doing practically everything together is constant. Even after the honeymoon phase wanes off, healthy partnerships continue to thrive by ongoing regular date nights in and out of the home. Once your other half repeatedly makes excuses to separate from you in order to spend more time alone and encouraging you to do the same (via guilty conscience) or calling to let you know not to wait up because no one else at their place of employment is able to fill in (again, the umpteenth weekend in a row), let it be known that this is a very common result of attempting to make time for the OTHER man/woman in their life (and failing miserably, might I add).

3) An unhealthy, noticeable attachment to their phone and/or computer.

Let me tell you, not one guy from my past who was cheating on me could avoid this dead giveaway, and they all believe they can! While today's generation are pretty glued to their electronic leashes already, it is damn near impossible for a Sneak to prevent this from coming to the surface. I dated a guy who waited until I went to bed so he could log online to avoid raising my suspicions (ridiculous since I've been an insomniac for as long as I can remember, and I can wake from even the slightest sound).

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