The Game Changer: Dating Lessons learned from a Single Mother


The Game Changer: Dating Lessons learned from a Single Mother
Dating itself is a challenge, but dating as a single parent is a league of its own.

I used to be one hell of a lazy kid, and until I had one myself, I didn't realize how scary yet empowering it is to be blessed with such an incredible gift of responsibility. Being a parent changes you in ways you never expect, challenging you to bring up a responsible future contributor to society. My days are wrapped around instilling manners, education, and motivated drive in my daughter so that when she leaves home to make a life for herself, I can feel confident in knowing that I'm putting a good person out into the world who will make a tremendous difference in the many lives she will encounter.

While I like to believe that karma exists and that I have a great amount in my corner, doing it all and being everything to everyone doesn't seal the deal that I will be married again and add to my family down the road. We can be the best women in the world, but the truth of the matter is, that doesn't mean everyone is going to agree with it. While many single parents do find love again, the sad fact is is that not all of us/them will. Some really are just destined to remain as they are, whether by choice or fate.


The overall point of writing these notes is for those who are fortunate to have the 'American Dream' of a happy and complete family to remember and acknowledge how lucky they truly are. Us divorced single parents are not lepers, and certainly not all of us deserve to be doing it solo. But Life happens, and we deal. Time marches on whether we want it to or not. If you're married or shacked up and have single parent friends, know that we don't seek your pity or want any for that matter. Just know that we are adults just like you, only living in a different kind of family.

And if you're smart, you will heed any relationship advice we throw your way if you want to avoid ending up in our shoes. We can be pretty helpful to have around in that regard!

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