Ghosts Of Khristmases Past: 11 Awkward Kardashian Holiday Photos

Love & Family: 11 Awkward Kardashian Christmas Cards
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Confetti. Staircases. Cleavage. The Kardashians really do have it all.

What images come to mind when you hear 'Christmas card'?

If you thought thigh-slit dresses, a summer day at the beach, or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you may be a long lost Kardashian.

Scroll through the famous family's valiant struggle against nineties hair trends, a few well-aimed stink eyes, and a few holiday family poses that look almost normal. Kardashian? Normal? Can it be? Sure, some of the girls' evening gowns are pretty killer—but then you'll notice things like a family pet blending into the shoot's color scheme.

Here, the Kardashians' wackiest-ever attempts at spreading Christmas cheer: The 11 Most Absurd Kardashian Christmas Cards


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