Communication Breakdown: Fix Your Spouse Communication Issues


Communication Breakdown:  Fix Your Spouse Communication Issues
Communication breakdowns happen in all marriages, but they don't have to lead to divorce.

Here are some simple rules to follow to avoid a communication breakdown in your marriage:

Be Considerate of Your Mate's Feelings


When you put your spouse's feelings first then you are sending a loud clear message that you respect them and you want to fix any communication breakdown that may exist between the two of you. Unfortunately, most married couples do not do this; so instead of getting disappointed or angry when your spouse doesn’t automatically meet your needs, try to understand where he or she is coming from first then you can share your issues with them. You may need to involve a professional counselor or marriage coach to help you through some of the more difficult issues. If that is the case with you, don't run from this help; embrace it and keep an open mind as you seek a good solution to your communication issues.

Have A Well-Thought Out Plan to Discuss Tough Topics

When there is a communication breakdown between spouses, marriage can get pretty nasty and very challenging. When it comes to talking about sensitive subjects like, in-laws, money, children and other similar things, you have to be very delicate and choose your words very carefully. Before you begin a conversation with your mate about something that you know is a very sensitive topic for them, you need to think through what you are going to say and how to say it. You must plan these conversations very carefully and let your mate know at the beginning of the conversation that what you need to talk about might upset them, but express your need to discuss it with them to resolve an issue. Don't avoid talking about a tough subject just because it might upset your spouse. Avoiding communication like this could lead to even more deeper problems.

Don't Let Anger Get Out of Hand

Every marriage has is share of communication breakdowns and their share of heated, angry moments. It is very natural for human to lose their cool, particularly married couples who are around each other a lot, but you must learn to control your anger and walk away for a few minutes when the anger begins to get too heated. You may find that you just need a few minutes apart to chill out and get your thoughts together for a calmer, more productive discussion. At other times, you may find you need to "sleep on it" before your resume the discussion on a particular sensitive subject. Just remember, you must be cool to effective communicate with one another. Don't let your anger get out of hand.

Be Willing to Compromise on Some Things