Looking Back - Princess Bride of Sweden


Looking Back - Princess Bride of Sweden
Diane Crow at Your Tango Tells Readers the Bride’s Choice of Fashion from Engagement to Wedding

Sunray Tiara) - It originated in the ownership of Victoria, daughter of the Grand Duke and Duchess of Baden in 1881, a gift to her from them for her wedding to the Crown Prince of Sweden, Crown Prince Gustaf. It is composed of forty-seven rays of diamonds and is a flexible piece that can be removed from the frame to be used as another ornament like a necklace. It was left to the family foundation to ensure it would stay in the family and it was the then-Queen's preference that the Crown Princesses in the royal family, which makes it suitable that it is the one most frequently, worn by Crown Princess Victoria, wear it.

Queen Sophie's Diamond and Pearl Tiara - A diamond base topped by small pearls is owned and used by Princess Cristina by her godmother Elsa Cedergren in 1974. Princess Cristina is the sister of King Carl-Gustav of Sweden and wears the tiara to both state events, overseas engagements, and to the Nobel Prize ceremonies every year.


Queen Sophie’s (Nine-Prong) Diamond Tiara – Nine graduated prongs are topped off with star-like clusters at five points, containing collet diamonds encompassing a distinctive neo-classical motif design that is common to the preferences of Victorian era buyers. It was made in Berlin for King Oscar of Sweden's wife Queen Consort Sophie. King Oscar II reigned in the late nineteenth century and into the early twentieth century. A series of arches serve as a base for the cross-shaped 'prongs.' It is an additional favorite of Queen Consort Silvia of Sweden.

Royal Family Foundations

The Bernadotte royal family of Sweden is not the only royal family to have created a foundation to secure the ownership of the Crown Jewels and ensure that the jewels are properly maintained. Possessions kept/maintained in the royal family foundations can include:




Because the items are maintained by the foundation they cease and desist to be personal property and are no longer subject to inheritance laws/taxes and decreases the influence of the state to determine when and where they will be worn. Jewels kept under the more direct jurisdiction of the State, like in Great Britain, are in fact more constrained in how and where they can be used and there are more complications to maintenance and issues of ownership and who can and can't use each item.

Despite Belief of Par Engsheden Being a Shoo-In, Madeleine Surprises With Italian Designer Valentino

Princess Madeleine stunned surprised all by her selection of Valentino as the designer of her wedding gown. It was believed that the rumors of Valentino designing her gown were a deflection from the person who would be designing her gown, a Swede. Because he designed her gown for the banns ceremony, Per Engsheden was considered a shoo-in for the commission. He had after all designed the wedding gown of her older sister Crown Princess Victoria and she shocked all by debuting her choice of Valentino. The designer himself has been unstinting in his praise of the princess as a client. “Working with Princess Madeleine has just been so easy,” said the designer. “She is very lovely girl. She is modern, fun, full of energy and enthusiasm, and she is so beautiful!