New Kate Middleton Pic! Royal Baby's Mom Channels Marilyn Monroe


From a hair twirl to a Marilyn Monroe moment, post-baby Kate is better than ever!

Kate Middleton has had her fair share of Princess Diana comparisons, but now the Duchess is being likened to another famous blonde.

While accepting a bouquet from a 9-year-old schoolgirl during a charity event, a gust of wind caused Kate's skirt to fly up in the air, evoking the famous Marilyn Monroe scene. 

Since giving birth to the heir to the British throne, Kate has been in the spotlight for more than just her charity work. From a game of volleyball that showed off her skills and slim post-baby body to a hair twirl that has become one of the best GIFs of 2013, Kate is better than ever.

See her Marilyn Monroe moment here: Kate Middleton's Skirt Flies Up — Thanks A Lot, Wind!

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