5 Things You Need To Know For Better Make-Up Sex

5 Things You Need To Know For Better Make-Up Sex

One thing to remember? Don't do it until the argument is actually resolved.

This weekend, I saw a couple really going at it. No, they weren't getting it on in public — they were screaming at each other in what was once a quiet bar. Everyone was staring as the woman grabbed her coat and stormed off, only to return a minute later so she could finish yelling at her boyfriend, who may be an ex-boyfriend by now.

"Bet they're going to have amazing make-up sex in about an hour," a someone whispered to me. Really? I thought. This argument looked like one of those i'm-so-angry-at-you-and-were-not-having-sex-for-a-week fights.

But that's not always the case with couples' arguments. As our friends at AskMen point out, "There are different varieties of make-up sex in every relationship." Meaning, good make-up sex totally depends on the couple and the type of argument you're having. For example, some fights lend themselves to "don't leave me" sex, whereas other tiffs involve pent up aggression that lead to intense sex. 

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