17 Signs You Are Obsessed With 'Sons Of Anarchy'


TV Love: 17 Signs You Are Obsessed With 'Sons Of Anarchy'
The Sons of Anarchy is an outlaw motorcycle club that has taken over of our lives.

Last night's Season 6 finale left us, well, speechless because we won't drop any spoilers here. But if you want to discuss those bombshells in the comments, we won't send Jax after you.

In the bloodiest season of Sons yet (still reeling about last night!), tensions — and hormones — rise as Jax Teller, played by the gorgeous Charlie Hunnam, tries to set his motorcycle club straight, despite outside forces getting in the way. Now with the possibility of more SOA goodness in the form of a prequel, we can only wonder how this primetime drama has only been nominated for one Emmy?! 

Check out the 17 signs that you're obsessed with the best show on FX:



1. Your friends know exactly where you'll be Tuesday nights.

2. You are not threatened by acronyms. SAMCRO, RICO ... you know them all.

3. Photos of Charlie Hunnam are definitely saved on your computer somewhere.

4. Any time you see a motorcycle, you pray it's Jax Teller on that bike.

5. When Charlie Hunnam was cast as Christian Grey, your inner fan girl rejoiced.

6. And when he was replaced, you swore you'd never watch Fifty Shades of Grey.

7. You totally forgot that Gemma Teller was Peggy Bundy.

8. You know being called an old lady is not an insult, it's a badge of honor.

9. Any time you and your friends have to make a decision, you insist on taking it to the table.

10. And when things don't go your way, you threaten to go nomad.

11. One season later and you are still coping with the death of Opie.

12. All your friends have nicknames, and you feel weird calling them by their real names.

13. You know when Happy is happy.

14. When award season rolls around, you take a deep breath. How has SOA only been nominated for one Emmy?

15. You follow series creator and ultimate bad ass Kurt Sutter on Twitter.

16. You think of friends who don't watch the show as prospects who are just waiting to get patched in.

17. And at the end of the day, you know that SAMCRO is more than just a motorcycle club.

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