'Marriage Isn't For You' Guy Earns Praise For Not Being A Jerk


marriage isn't for you
Basically, a dude says, "I realized I'm not the center of the world!" and we catapult him to fame.

Let's not forget that the reason Seth got all pouty to begin with was because he had to do something he didn't want to do, like relocate far away, and not for his career, but for hers.

This isn't about love. This is about control, meaning self. Seth flew off the handle precisely at that moment when he realized—my God—he wasn't getting what he wanted, and that his wife was calling the shots (to some degree, anyway). Seth went to bed in Florida or Alaska or wherever, and woke up in Hanna Rosin's house (you know, the woman who declared 'The End of Men').


With more and more women finding themselves the breadwinners, or at the very least having as many attractive and lucrative offers as their spouses, more men are going to find themselves in this exact same place, looking for reasons why it's ok that their role is changing—whether that means following their wives' careers or just having a little less say in how things go down than they have historically.

So, how do you resolve that cognitive dissonance? You make what you're doing to cope with it into a virtue, and seek validation for it—which is exactly what Seth has done. And what we've confirmed for him.

Terri Trespicio is a lifestyle expert, writer, and coach in New York City. Visit her at territrespicio.com and on Twitter @TerriT.

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