'Bromance' & 7 Other MTV Shows That Deserved Another Season

TV Love: 'Bromance' & 7 Other MTV Shows That Deserve A Comeback

It's #ThrowbackThursday time!

Music videos have been replaced by reality shows on MTV, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

This year, new shows such as Big Tips Texas, Generation Cryo, and Scrubbing In joined MTV's lineup, next to hits such as Teen Mom 3 and Girl Code.

But these shows just make us want our old school MTV favorites to come back even more. Remember Bromance featuring Brody Jenner and his BFFs? And I Want A Famous Face, where normal people were "transformed" into their favorite celebrity? These shows definitely deserved more than one season!

Join us as we get all nostalgic! Old School: 8 Amazing MTV Reality Shows That Deserved More Than One Season


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