Intuitive Body Wisdom™


Intuitive Body Wisdom™
A powerful nurturing intelligence who’s single purpose is to love and guide you.

Are you unhappy with work, where you live, your lifestyle or love life? And you just don’t know who to turn to? Do you really understand how to make choices that fulfill you? Are you harnessing the intelligence within you to guide you to be the fullest expression of yourself? If you don’t understand what gives YOU inner peace and fulfillment you will be making choices that leave you empty, unfulfilled and confused. The skills and processes I have learnt through my Management Consultancy, Executive and Personal Coaching and my own life changing experiences I have now put together as the practice of Intuitive Body Wisdom™ . These practices reveal the mystery of your multiple intelligences. This nurturing intelligence, your INTUITIVE BODY WISDOM™, is waiting for you to listen and is by your side to give you clarity every moment of the day. Unfortunately you were told from an early age to ignore your body wisdom so you have forgotten it is there. When you re-activate your awareness and your senses you will be amazed at what possibilities, clarity and expansiveness open up to you.

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Ms Deb Lange


"Access Your Intuitive Body Wisdom" for a liife of freedom, resilience and an unlimited source of love.

Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia
Credentials: BA, EdD, MA, Other
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